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Casino Coins Affiliate Program Shuts Down

May 2011 - That’s right folks, it’s unfortunate that we have to inform you about the demise of one of the most trusted and serious online casino affiliate operators, Casino Coins. A few days ago an email went out, seemingly to all the wrong people, announcing that Casino Coins would no longer accept new player referrals. Given the unverified nature of the source, many affiliates initially questioned the authenticity of the news, but soon their affiliate reps confirmed everyone’s worst fears: the rumors were indeed true. What was behind the affiliate operator’s move and how exactly would it affect existing affiliates?

Apparently, the problems at the root of the Casino Coins Shutdown were related to online poker’s Black Friday. It is well known among online poker and online gambling industry affiliates that the ramifications of the Black Friday indictments included the blocking of several of the accounts that the targeted online poker sites used for their funds transfers. The DoJ has also taken aim at some of the payment processors who had facilitated the above said transfers. Apparently, one of the targeted processors was one that did the processing for Casino Coins too, because – according to their affiliate support – the issue behind the closing of the operator is one tied to funds processing.

For affiliates, the bottom line is that no new affiliates will be accepted by the site starting with May 16. Existing affiliates will continue to receive their commissions on active players that they’ve referred in the past. The last monthly affiliate commission payout will be on June 15. Afterwards, the whole system shall move to a quarterly payout structure, with the first quarterly payout due on September 15. The changes stand for all the Casino Coins brands.

The situation may yet be reversed at some point in time, although Casino Coins support told those who asked around not to count on a reversal.

Casino Coins operates 8 Casinos and 1 Poker Lounge



Casino Coins has been online since 1999 and have always maintained a good reputation and kept their nose clean. They are certified by GPWA, AGD and CAP which are affiliate forums. In October 2010 they introduced their first online poker site - Big Bet Poker.

Casino Coins Brands:
Casinos: English Harbour Casino, English Harbour UK, Super Slots, VIP Slots, Silver Dollar, Slots Galore, Caribbean Gold Casino and Millionaire Casino.
Poker: Big Bet Poker.

Vegas Technology

Casino Coins Commission Rates:
Commission offered at Casino Coins is between 25% to 45% for revenue share. CPA deals are offered too. The revenue share is structured in the following way:

Net Casino Revenue Revenue Share %
$0 - $15,000 25%
$15,001 - $30,000 30%
$30,001 - $50,000 35%
$50,001 - $100,000 40%
$100,001+ 45%

USA Players:

Negative Carryover:
Casino Coins does not carry forward negative commission.

Webmaster Tiers:
Casino Coins offers a 5 Tier webmaster referral system.





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