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Getting Started as a Casino Affiliate

The online casino sector is one of the busiest and therefore also one of the best-yield online affiliate verts in existence. It is also one of the most competitive, so if you aim to make it there, you need to be ready for a fight in more ways than one. Let’s start at the very beginning though. Suppose you decide to put your extensive knowledge of casino gambling/online poker to good use by starting up an affiliate operation. The first thing you need to do is to set up a website. In order for the site to fulfill its objective (which is to attract as many visitors as possible and to keep them interested as long as possible), you need to come up with original, informative content and you need to set it up in a user-friendly manner.

The mistake most affiliate marketers commit is that they give SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) way too much importance. Through some basic SEO, most affiliate operators can indeed generate some traffic to their sites, but if all the user friendliness is sacrificed in the SEO process, it won’t do them much good as their conversion rates will falter and at the end of the day, not much will be achieved. A good affiliate site basically SEOs itself, as players and forum junkies will link to it voluntarily, building a better link-profile for the site than any optimizer ever could.

Besides the quality, the volume of the provided information needs to be generous as well. The more relevant pages your site has, the more traffic it will attract from a bunch of different searches and the more likely you are to attract would be players, eager to sign up.

Once you’re done setting up your website, the store-front of your operation, you need to set up your affiliate links, the ones that will be used to track your players to the online casinos you team up with. Which affiliate program you pick is obviously the most important part of the entire venture, as that will determine your conversion rates, you revenue share percentages, your CPA value etc. Once the operation is up and running, you can add additional affiliate programs/partner sites, in order to open up additional revenue streams and to diversify your income profile.

Besides the incentives offered to you, the affiliate partner, the casino’s offer has to include perks that will act as incentives for your players. Lavish sign-up bonuses, added-value prizes, qualifiers to prestigious events, should all be among the promotions you offer to your players. Remember, sign-ups often hinge on extremely tiny details, and only by covering every possible angle can you make certain you do not waste the potential offered by your website.

Picking the right affiliate program is extremely important because you do not want to end up having your due affiliate revenues stolen  by some crooked operator.

Check out some affiliate program reviews (although in this line of business, you can never really be 100% certain of anything), at some of the most reputable affiliate sites before you leap into a partnership. Apparently, even to this day, there’s no shortage of affiliate programs which supplement their revenues by reaching deep into their affiliates’ cookie jars. To learn more about how you can test the reliability of your partners, check out some of the forums run by affiliate program review sites. The viral spread of information which occurs in such forums is usually the best way to see if two plus two don’t add up to four, you don’t really stand a chance of uncovering thievery on your own.

Rewards Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program  
Rewards Affiliates is a good program for beginners as they offer a huge selection of affiliate tools and easy linking codes.
They operate 19 microgaming casinos and 5 Prima Poker poker Rooms.
No Negative Carryover.
35% Commission.
Regularly Updated Marketing banners and tools.
Multiple Currencies and Languages offered
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Last Updated 23 July 2016
Getting Started as a Casino Affiliate