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Best Casino Partner Leaves Affiliates High and Dry

June 2011 - About 1 week after the announcement that Casino Coins was shutting down we received a call from Tim - The Affiliate Manager at Best Casino Partner to advise that they had no choice but to follow the same route as they simply could not process any payments for their USA players which was their biggest market.

We were disappointed to hear this because Best Casino Partner had been around for a number of years and were one of the better programs and always paid players and affiliates on time.

We also thought it was very decent of Tim to phone the affiliates as opposed to sending out a blanket email. He also assured us that outstanding payments would be paid to the affiliates and we basically ended the call on good terms.

This was until we discovered that all of their casinos were still operating right up to the 23 June 2011 when this report was written. We also confirmed this by looking at the winners page of Go Casino which still shows winners up to 22 June 2011 and, some affiliates posted in the CAP forum that they had still been able to open up new accounts at Go Casino and Grand Vegas Casino and are still receiveing promotional mailers from all of the casinos in the Group.

This leaves a bad taste in our mouths because this boils down to theft - plain and simple. They are still allowing our players to deposit money but they are not paying the affiliates. We can't even login to our stats as they have removed the affiliate program login details and just placed a picture on the page:

Best Casino Partner Screenshot

There has been no further emails or updates from Best Casino Partner and emails send to Tim at Best Casino Partner remain unanswered.

If any players are reading this - we would suggest that you steer clear of all of their casinos - namely Go Casino, Crazy Slots, Online Vegas and Grand Vegas, because if they aren't paying affiliates - there is no guarantee that they will pay their players either!


Best Casino Partner Brands:
Casinos: Go Casino, Crazy Slots, Online Vegas and Grand Vegas.

USA Players:

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Last Updated 20 November 2012
Best Casino Partner Affiliate Program Review